Product sampling

Product Sampling is a procedure where the newly launched products’ subsets are distributed complimentary among the customers to try the products before they conclude to buy it. Offering product samples to the customers who haven’t encountered your products yet will directly raise brand awareness. Giving your customers an opportunity to better comprehend your company’s products will grab more attentions, escalate your business’s profit graph and acquiring feedback from customers will improve the quality of products.

Introducing an unfamiliar product in the market may make the customers indecisive regarding the reliability, quality and its effectiveness. Distributing the product samples will eradicate all such complexities and the customers can decide appropriately whether to purchase it or not. Generosity matters the most! Letting your customers know that you’re giving away complementary samples without expecting any feedback and future purchase- you’re giving them an opportunity to decide that on their own.

Approximately 75% of the customers prefer to purchase a product after trying its sample as compared to the rest 25%, purchase the similar product after watching TV commercial or newspaper advertisements. With the adept team of professionals, Techmobia has handily benefitted the FMCG and other relevant clients to acquire decisive outcomes. We have profitably distributed the product samples which made it easier for the customers to know the brand’s products carefully and closely as well as benefitted the brand to know its customers’ behavior towards their newly launched products.