Creating a positive customer experience is essential to all companies who are looking to keep their customers happy and returning to them. Whether it is chasing leads, introducing new products/offers or simple payment reminder services customer engagement through voice interaction is uniquely powerful. IVR services offer customer and businesses the opportunity to direct customer queries to the right executive so that matters can be dealt with precisely and swiftly.

IVR/SMS services can be customized to individual businesses in a matter of hours. For the IVR, professional voice artists are employed to record customized messages. Bulk SMS Services offer an inexpensive means to reach out to a large customer base. The Bulk SMS services can be used for broadcasting information, reaching out to new customers or informing existing customers of the latest offerings. Techmobia has an extensively mined contacts database that ensures that messages read the right audience. Configuring IVR/SMS services in India on toll free numbers can be done rapidly and helps small businesses to create a credible professional impression. Once the missed call service is configured, service providers are able to redirect calls made from customers to the respective agents.

A properly designed IVR call service enables businesses to create a lean streamlined call flow for customers. IVR services can also be used for customer authentication services; this also ensures that -sensitive data like passwords are only dealt with by secure systems. In multi-services company IVRs ensure that customer calls are routed to the right executives in the quickest time.

Techmobia has been involved in several successful short code campaigns. Techmobia’s existing infrastructure enables rapid generation of campaign short codes. Companies can use Bulk SMS services for customer retention as well. Existing customers can be informed about latest products and offers. This creates an inexpensive engagement channel that has zero cost to the customer. Whether it is informational or promotional broadcasts, SMS’s are a quick way to get a customer’s attention.

Techmobia provides easily scalable and specialized Bulk SMS services. With over ten years’ experience in mobile based marketing, Techmobia is uniquely position to provide the best ROI in the mobile marketing segment to our clients. Coupled with other mobile based solutions, Techmobia can provide customized multi-pronged mobile marketing solutions.