Local Retailer search

For a retailer or localized business, it is essential to use state-of-the-art techniques to market itself in the operating area(s). Local retailer search will help the consumers to locate the local retailers, stores or businesses within a specific location or region to purchase, dine or stay. This is an advanced way to analyze the responses by location and time, and mapping every dealer based on their geographical existence.

Techmobia works with an ambition to benefit the clients to escalate their business by broadening their marketing horizon to transform interests into bounteous consumers. With the dexterity of our professionals, we offer prompt information about the nearest store location to the customers. We proffer SMS and IVRs based store locator search with inventive search algorithms that will benefit the retailer to acquire improved response and leads tracking.

The conception of the local retailer search will reduce the advertisement printing costs and benefit the customers to acquire the detailed information about neighboring stores or businesses with just a simple call to action mechanism. In India there are approximately 1 billion mobile subscribers and notifying with the help of SMS is an innovative yet effective technique to approach every mobile user. A consumer can easily access the localized store detail with only a simple SMS with PIN code or locality name and can also utilize their native languages.