Digital solutions

1. Customer Engagement Services

Customer Loyalty is frequently driven by positive customer engagements. Customer engagements are built with every brand interaction this could be a purchase, responding to a tweet, signing up to a Loyalty Program , receiving new letter, mass media marketing, or any other form of brand interaction. Brands are working harder than ever to retain customer loyalty, staying at “top of the mind” when a purchase needs to be made.

Techmobia offers a comprehensive suite of Customer engagement Services. Our technology backbone provides a unified customer view for sales and service related interactions. Techmobia has worked with 500 brands and benefitted them to enable their customer engagement services. We have also provided an extensive array of services including IVR based calling, missed call, IVR based informational broadcasts, mass SMS campaigns, customized SMS based coupon, etc. Techmobia has a diverse clientele and successfully facilitated loyalty based incentive and promotional campaigns based on proof of purchase and also implemented missed call services for several of its clients. A missed call service essentially helps the customers to reach out to a business at zero cost. Customers place a missed call, further routed to an outbound call centre and then executives call-back the customers to clarify their queries. This form of interaction saves the customer’s money as well as time.

Techmobia also provide IVR calling services valuable for due date reminders, promotion of new products, automated query handling and an effectively route incoming customer calls. Apart from these Techmobia also provides SMS and email services. Our integrated Customer Engagement Services enables businesses to have a single view of customers and thus engage them more effectively

Customer centric interaction system is the best way to build positive customer engagement. Techmobia’s experienced customer engagement team offers individual as well as a comprehensive set of services. Techmobia works as purely solutions provider and also as consultants for designing successful customer engagement services. Positive customer engagement involves customer centric solutions that are driven by business needs, Techmobia works with agile method to rapidly bring out solutions that are not the usual run of the mill tools. Customized and target specific tools ensures a loyalty building Customer Engagement Service.

2. Social Media Optimization

Social media marketing has become an integral part of Digital Marketing Company with businesses giving it an increasing share in their total expenses. The benefits of social media marketing can now be measured using metrics, thus giving a clearer picture of ROI. Brands with the right Social media optimization have seen a significant jump in their online presence, increased traffic to their websites, a noted boost in lead generation and an improvement in their SEO ranking.

Social Media optimizationleads to creation of a loyal online fan base. It has been observed that people pay more weight age to recommendations from their own peers as opposed to direct information from brands. This makes it extremely essential for brands to promote their presence on social media platforms and gain a following.

Businesses which have had social media campaigns run for even six hours a week have witnessed a significant rise in footfalls. B2C marketing campaignshave had noteworthy increases in their ROI while the sharing of certain consumer information by Facebook and LinkedIn has enabled B2B marketing to gain traction. Techmobia has a specially trained social media optimization team that can guide businesses through the intricacies of marketing on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. Techmobia works with brands to understand market responses to media campaigns and adjust them accordingly.

Techmobia works with brands to get quick traction in the increasingly cluttered social media advertising. While traditional mass media marketing often prove to be too expensive for small businesses, Online Marketing Company in Noida , India is viewing an exponential growth. Social media has given a unique opportunity to reach out to the ever growing base of Indian users. Techmobia has worked with some successful Social media campaigns. Social Media optimization services ensure that brands get the best visibility with their target audience. Social Media optimization allows for a measured online presence that leads to significant lead conversions and brand building.

Techmobia is working with several of the top companies in India and it understands the importance of preserving brand image across various platforms. Techmobia also works with defined marketing goals and justifies results with metrics. This helps brands to have a clear view of their ROI. Brands looking to build an online presence cannot look at ignoring the social media platforms. Techmobia is the perfect partner to develop and implement a Social media optimization strategy catering to India.

3. PPC Service India

PPC campaigns are a tried and true digital marketing method. Although the intricacies of running a PPC campaign effectively is increasingly complex. Since every click costs money it is imperative to target the right audience. This is achieved through proper key word management and effective bidding of ad slots.

Techmobia has an experienced team that does meticulous research and analysis to run successful PPC campaigns. Combined with our Social media optimization,SEO services and Data Collection Services ,Techmobia offers a comprehensive PPC Service suite. Our experience with the digital markets in India makes us uniquely qualified to run successful campaigns and ensure good ROI for our clients.

Mobile advertising is becoming increasingly popular especially when considering the Indian sub-continent. Techmobia has over a decade experience in the mobile marketing market. It has run several mobile based campaigns. Since over 70% of web traffic originates from smart phones in India, it is imperative for brands to have a good mobile advertising campaign. Techmobia is able to provide the required consulting, graphics and effective campaign management to ensure the most successful campaigns.

Traditional PPC campaigns require a good understanding of key words and also of targeting the right third party websites. Techmobia’s PPC services help brands targeting the Indian audience and have a ready understanding of the unique dynamics of the Indian user. Techmobia’s PPC services extends to different forms of digital advertising, A diversified approach is important to target SEO,social media advertising, re-marketing initiatives, mobile advertising and using rich media graphics. A proper combination of these ensures the best ROI.

Techmobia does a detailed analysis of key word search to gather target specific key words. The common mistake in key word based advertising is using very generic key words, this puts clients in a very crowded area and results in minimal traction. The effective PPC services ensure target specific keywords that ensure that the audiences are likely to be interested in products and services offered. Since every click costs money and it is essential to reach the right audience every time. Often a poorly managed PPC campaign costs clients a lot of money without seeing any real ROI. Techmobia’s PPC services carry out a detailed assessment of client requirements and ensure that the right strategy is put in place to ensure the best ROI.

4. SEO Service

Techmobia provides the complete suite of digital marketing services. Our experience across all forms of digital advertising enables us to give the best value for money to our clients. Techmobia has rich experience in providing SEO Services targeting the Indian visitor. Finding the right balance of various SEO tactics ensures an organic and sustained ranking of websites. A proper SEO services India involves a detailed analysis of relevant keyword and organically including it in web sites and a properly orchestrated Pay per click campaign.

Techmobia has a dedicated SEO Services India team, which works specifically with clients looking to raise their rankings in view of Indian users. Techmobia has teams that handle every aspect of digital marketing right from conceptualization of online presence to raising its visibility. Techmobia’s research team collaborates with the design team to develop some of the most appealing websites and its marketing team uses the right combination of SEO services, PPC campaigns, Social Media marketing optimization and other digital based campaigns.

As Techmobia also provide design and development of websites, mobile sites and mobile apps, we can optimize all design and development products with highly visible online existence. We acquire a well experienced SEO team with years of experience in Search Engine optimization with leading universal search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The World Wide Web is suffused with millions of websites which are competing for genuine visitors. To gain the right visitors to an online portal, it is important to understand the behavior of the visitors. Techmobia SEO services India works with clients who need to channel online search visitors and increase footprints to their websites. A clear SEO strategy that involves well placed key word distribution, back links, PPC campaigns and social media advertising and presence enable a quick growth of SEO rankings.

Accompanying with the right SEO services India provider is essential for getting the right ROI. Often sub-par SEO services can cost clients thousands of cents without noticing any increased traffic to their sites or proper lead generation. Techmobia’s experienced team can handle SEO of established as well as new online presence. Increasing visibility is an important aspect of gaining revenue and being a digital agency, we work closely with our clients from disparate sectors, to help them achieve their digital marketing intentions. Our professional and productive SEO services have delivered optimum results that have helped our clients meet their digital marketing goals.

5. E-Commerce SEO services

E-Commerce SEO is often more difficult than SEO for blogs and simple company websites. E-Commerce sites have changing information based on product availability. This constant rotation of content can make it difficult to implement standard SEO protocols. Techmobia understands the challenges of this particular platform and endeavors to implement effective SEO strategies those are more applicable for e-Commerce sites.

Why e-Commerce SEO services?

Users searching for particular items are most likely to buy from the first three sites that show up on a search engine. Thus a low click through rate implies a loss in sales. Often incorrect strategies are implemented in e-commerce SEO. Just generally filling the site with key words does not guarantee a good rank but, it also affects the websites usability. A good e-commerce strategy implements the correct key words often this implies long key words and also apt product description that render a site unique while still being searchable.

Techmobia’s e-commerce SEO services India helps existing as well as new websites to improve their search engine ranking. Our SEO services India works with all kinds of e-commerce platforms like Wordpress, Joomla, Xcart, Dotnetnuke, Magneto, ASP.NET, Oscommerce, and Zencart. Our e-commerce services India also takes care of feed submissions for top e-commerce websites, updating product description, inserting meta-tags, inserting Google analytics code for e-commerce, and many more. Techmobia works with clients to understand the products they are selling and come up with apt product descriptions that are understandable to the user and also helps improve the items ranking on search engines.

Techmobia has over a decade experience in the digital marketing platform. We work with our clients’ right from conceptualization to implementation of their digital marketing strategy. E-commerce websites have to be marketed correctly to ensure rising sales for sellers. Techmobia creates unique content for its clients which ensure a higher ranking. Often the same keyword is stuffed across different pages thus forcing the search engine to prioritize a single page in a website; this can often result in a poor experience for the user and likely cause the user to exit the site without finding the product they were looking for. Techmobia ensures the usability of a site while implementing these SEO strategies for e-Commerce.

Techmobia’s complete e-Commerce SEO services India suite provides reliable and affordable packages to fulfill every size e-Commerce clients.

6. Outsource SEO

Why outsource SEO?

SEO services are an intricate work that requires expertise, time and money. The benefits of SEO are easily visible with increasing traffic as rankings improve. A businesses looking to expand their business can use reliable SEO services to achieve their digital marketing goals.Techmobia offers reliable SEO services that cater to different SEO needs like website promotion, e-commerce promotion, video based SEO and social media optimization. These different SEOs require different skill sets. Business interest is better served if these chores are outsourced.

Electing appropriate SEO service provider can be very complicated as there are several companies, agencies and individuals offering the same. It is important to pick the right firm to outsource SEO projects. Techmobia, full-packed digital service provider, will provide an experienced and efficient team of SEO experts. They also guide companies in the right implementation strategy to get the best ROI. Techmobia is the best place to outsource SEO projects, our in-house experts will provide the right mix of key word optimization, Meta tags and Pay per click campaigns.

We acquire a complete list of services to fulfill every digital marketing need. Companies can not only outsource SEO but also use our other services like social media optimization, PPC campaign, launch mass campaigns through emails, SMS services and ad placement. When considering a firm to outsource SEO service it is important to ensure the confidentiality of client list. Techmobia offers NDA for clients who wish to keep their data secure and do not wish their contact database to be used by third parties. It is important to ensure data security when outsourcing SEO services. Techmobia ensures the implementation of security protocols.

Techmobia provides reports that offer clarity to the results of the SEO implementation plans. Techmobia offers a transparent SEO process that ensures that clients are satisfied with the representation of their brands. This makes Techmobia a reliable place to outsource SEO needs.


Google is the most used search engine. SEO optimization has been around ever since. With billions of websites, getting visibility has become essential. Apart from direct marketing, the method to get the most visibility is thru improving search engine ranking. To improve Google ranking, Yahoo and Bing rankings it is important to implement the correct SEO strategies like key word implementation, content promotion, video promotion, in-page and off-page promotions of key words.

The first step to improve Google ranking is to gather the right key words. Often generic keywords are used and this can cause a low ranking which is a waste of time and money. Finding the right keyword combination will help target audiences reach the websites quicker thru improved search engine ranking. Key word insertion is more than a simple process of introducing Meta tags and implementing key words across websites.

The best SEO strategies take time and to improve Google Ranking one must be patient. There are several companies that have been successfully using SEO service to improve Google Ranking and they have maintained their digital presence. The growing number of SEO service providers has increased competition and it becomes important for companies to find SEO outsource partners who provide guaranteed results. To improve Google rankings one must make a continued effort to improve and maintain rankings.

Techmobia provides the complete suite of services for all digital marketing needs. Techmobia has experts in all areas of digital marketing like SEO, social media optimization, PPC, e-Commerce SEO, video and content promotion. We work in advisory capacity, implementation partners and also provide white label services.

Techmobia works with businesses to improve Google rankings. We also work to improve their social media reach. Techmobia has different engagement models which serve the needs of different clients. We offer SEO consulting for firms that already have SEO resources. We also offer dedicated SEO resources, SEO advisory, White label SEO services and comprehensive SEO plans.

Techmobia used only approved and ethical methods to improve Google rankings. Techmobia works hard to get fantastic results for business looking to improve Google rankings. We have over a decade experience in digital marketing services. We have a dedicated team working out of India, with industry contacts around the world.