Techmobia has a qualified and trained research team that offers data collection services. Techmobia offers multi-mode market research facilities. Techmobia has worked with marketing firms, start-ups and fortune 500 companies to fulfill their various customer interaction needs. Data collection is an important research tool for companies to test market sentiments, analyze operational efficiency, sales efficiency, campaign impact etc.

Techmobia offers a multi-channel data gathering capability, this allows for data collection on tight deadlines. Techmobia is able to deliver accurate and in-depth data collection through direct field research, IVR based surveying, web based surveys, mobile based surveys etc. The qualified research team is trained to design surveys and gather data quickly and efficiently. Techmobia offers consolidated reports that offer an in-depth view of the research goals, helping businesses make the right decisions. All our multi-channel research tools are consolidated to provide accurate and detailed reports.

The multi-channel research capability allows for quicker turn around in data collection. Some of the channels that Techmobia employs for data collection are

  • Web based surveys
  • Field surveys
  • Out bound calls
  • IVR based surveys/ data collection
  • Web based research
  • SMS based data collection
  • Email surveys
  • Mobile App based data collection

Techmobia can gather data from the targeted audience quickly and efficiently. Clients usually have very tight deadlines and Techmobia is able to deliver data collection projects on schedule. Our experienced team is able to conduct in-depth research into even the most hard to reach audience. Our in-house technology back bone helps in keeping all information in a single database thus ensuring that all data is cohesive and provides useful information.

Techmobia complies with TRAI regulations and adheres to the NDNC registry. All data is ethically gathered. We maintain client and customer confidentiality. Our secure technology backbone adheres to advanced security protocols.

Techmobia offers data collection services for to understand prevailing market conditions, generating leads, gathering data regarding market trends, product services and feedback etc. Techmobia has successfully delivered several projects to its clients.

Techmobia offers a variety of data collection services and delivers accurate and reliable information Toll Free number services. Our dedicated team of researchers along with automated research tools enables us to deliver excellent results even when working with tight deadlines.